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[welcome to SATXBiz.com, San Antonio's business pages]

Business Hosting Services

Domain Hosting (www.yourcompany.com)

  • $19.95/month, billed quarterly @ $59.85
  • 10 ea. POP/web email boxes.
  • 50 MB space--additional space available
  • Secure FTP access ftp.yourdomain.com

Personal Hosting/entry level (www.yourcompany.com)

  • 14.95/month, billed quarterly @ $44.85
  • 5 ea. POP/web email boxes.
  • 10 Mbs space--additional space available
  • Secure FTP access ftp.yourdomain.com

Other services/fees:

  • TLDs Domain Name Registration/renewal: $29.95/year
  • Email/dns only account: $10/month
  • Server Processing and Setup Fee (costs associated with setting up all servers with your domain name) dot-com/org/net $19.95
  • Domain Name Recovery Fee: $99.00 domain name recovery after expiration date.
  • Delinquent charges: $29.00 applied when payments are not received by N30
  • NSF fee: $29.00 applied to all processed NSF checks--no exceptions.

Additional info:

  • We use top of the line hardware running Windows 2000 Server and IIS 5.0
  • Cold Fusion pricing negotiable and tailored to your needs.
  • SQL Server pricing negotiable based upon your needs.
  • MySQL and php are active on the server.
  • IMail unrestricted for all your email needs.
  • Need server side software not listed here, just let us know and we will get you the right tools for your business needs.

Virtual v. IP Hosting

Since the availability of world wide IP addresses is limited, virtual web hosting is a standard for the above options. If you require your own domain IP (you would know if you did) we can assign them, please consult static IP fees.


If we do not receive payment for services by the due date, your account may be suspended. If your account is suspended, there will be $19.95 re-activation fee and any past due amounts must be paid in full before re-activation.

Delinquent Accounts

In the unfortunate event that you or your company does not comply with billing policies for any and all services and your payment is not received on time, your site, including graphics could be suspended.

Check your domain name

  • Go here to check if your name is available



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