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TLDs Recovery: dot-com, dot-net, dot-org domain

When a dot-com, .net or .org domain name is deleted, it automatically goes into a 30 day period where it is held by the Registry before being released for re-registration.

If your domain is in this status, then your domain name was not renewed prior to it's expiry date and was deleted.
If you are the former Registrant of the domain, it may be possible to recover this domain during the Redemption Grace Period.

How do I recover my domain name?

You should send the Recovery Request immediately! To stop your domain from being released to the public for re-registration, the Domain Recovery application process must be completed before the 30-day RGP ends.

Note: Recovering a domain from RGP is a manual process. So it may take up to 24 hours before the domain name can be returned to an 'ACTIVE' status again.

How much does it cost to recover a domain name that is in RGP status?

The cost for the Recovery procedure is US $99.00 per domain. This fee includes a one (1) year renewal.



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