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Webmail login:

Address: http://mail.yourdomain.com/

Notice the mail. prefix to your domain name in the address. The UserID is your complete email address ie: me@yourdomain.com, and use the assigned password.

Webmail spambox:

Yes we are filtering JUNK mail, all junk mail gets collected in sub-mailbox "spambox", please trim/delete it often.

To view the spam sub-mailbox using POP3, create a second Account in your mail client that logs in as userID-spambox ie: "userID@yourdomain.com-spambox" Password will be the same as it is for your userID account.

We also X-Header attachments with the following extensions: *.pif, *.exe, and *.scr if you need to send or receive legitimate attachments ie: *.jpg, *.zip and other most common extensions are allowed--we do this for your protection--thank you.

Other info:

You may also want to view our Eudora FAQ information page, detail views on how to setup email client.

If you have any questions just email us info@satxbiz.com or call during business hours 9-5 at (210) 325-1523




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